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SINCE 1991



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Company Profile



01.From Startup to Growth

Great Mountain Enterprise was founded in July 1991, starting up from an international wholesale of scrap metal. At the beginning, our main business was selling the cobalt containing magnets and stainless steel scrap, yet we have insight the changes in international market and immediately transformed our business model, where we rely mainly on trading and supplemented by wholesaling. In the meantime, we started to adjust our business map and set up factories in Thailand, Indonesia and China.

Great Mountain Enterprise think globally, therefore, in order not to miss out on connecting with the world, we have been constantly seeking for opportunities. To open up a more complete international market, we increased investment in developing and trading of lithium battery recycling in 1996 while mobile phones became popular, which further increased our business channel and opened the door to international market for precious metals.

In 2005, Great Mountain Enterprise cooperated with a major Japanese recycling company and set up “Town Mining Company” in South Korea with lithium battery recycling & crushing factory. With equipment and technology for processing battery and recovering cobalt & nickel efficiently from secondary batteries, which allow us to increase competitive advantage.


02.Create our Future

As the manufacturing industry began to focus on the international environmental protection and global energy crisis, the world's major car manufacturers are now muscling for electric vehicle market share, global battery manufacturers are also panic buying raw materials such as nickel, cobalt, lithium, copper, and aluminum.

In 2022, Great Mountain Enterprise decided to expand our business again, and cooperated with “World Metal Recovery” in Singapore to establish “TSM Metal Pte. Ltd.,” a trading company with lithium battery recycling & crushing factory, which we look forward to creating our new career high.


03. Corporate Responsibility

The energy that drives the world is slowly changing, and with it comes new opportunities and demands.

Great Mountain Enterprise recycles various types of lithium batteries, such as mobile phone batteries, laptop batteries, electric vehicle batteries. In addition, by effectively recover nickel, cobalt, lithium, copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals from manufacturing scraps allow us to to contribute to the earth by substituting some of the mining needs for international raw material and also reducing the carbon emissions of mining.

Great Mountain Enterprise is also dedicated to creating a sustainable city with green energy cycle ecosystem while keep breaking new business ground, follow us to build a urban sustainability green city!


Our Services

Recycling can produce cobalt, nickel, lithium, copper, aluminum, iron and other batteries, waste, leftovers and other metal materials.